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Carolina Organic Lawns

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Carolina Organic Lawns provides Organic Lawn Care services to homeowners in the Greater Raleigh Area.

We are currently accepting new customers. Every spring we accept new customers for a limited time. Our schedule fills up fairly quickly, because we are not a giant franchise, we run one truck with the owner and his son. We give personal attention to every lawn, as if it were our own.

Email subject "New Customer" and we will get right back to you with a quote.

We would love to have you as one of the few. Thank you! Jon & Daniel

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Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Reliable. Family Owned and Operated since 1985. People you can Trust. Call us now to receive excellent service for all your Organic Lawn Care needs. 

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We are also accepting new Organic Mosquito Control customers.

Why Organic Lawn Care?

Organically maintained lawns:

  • Are safe for children and pets
  • Use less water
  • Need fewer mowings
  • Crowd out weeds
  • Resist pests
  • And Look Great!

Which adds up to savings for you!

Your lawn will stay greener with less water, less frequent mowing, and it will develop a long term natural defense so you won't need to rely on chemicals to fight insects and diseases that would destroy your lawn. Our soil conditioner is made from North Atlantic Kelp, is completely organic, sustainable, and non-toxic. No more concern for your children and pets!

Working with nature, not against it...

Carolina Organic Lawn Care concentrates on developing healthy soil. Our organic method stimulates growth of beneficial microbes and earthworms, creating a rich, healthy soil. Healthy soil grows healthy lawns!

And, it Saves you Money!

Properly aerated and conditioned, your lawn will develop a stronger, deeper root system. As a result, your turf will be more drought and heat resistant, and better able to pull nutrients and oxygen from the soil. This stimulates lateral growth, creating a thicker lawn, better able to crowd out weeds, and needs less frequent mowing. Chemical fertilizers promote vertical blade growth and need to be mowed more often.

Soil is a living organism, containing micro-flora -- microscopic bacteria, nematodes, and fungi -- that are dependent on available carbon for food, growth, and replication.

Harvard University has been testing Organic Lawn Care on Harvard Yard. Check out the results!

Chemically maintained turf on left: shallow root system. Organically maintained turf on right: deep root system.

harvard turf samples

Photo courtesy Harvard University.


What's Wrong with Chemical Fertilizers?

Synthetic High Nitrogen Fertilizers boost the risk of insect and disease infestations, weed problems and cause immense stress on your plants or seedlings. It's clear, synthetic fertilizers induce a quick growing rush by making excess nutrients available for a short time. The plant absorbs the chemicals quickly and uses the excess energy for very rapid growth above the soil in lieu of of storing carbohydrates. The excessive nitrogen also leaches through the soil or easily washes away (polluting ground and surface water) leaving the salt to toxify the soil which reduces the microbe and earthworm populations. This consequently reduces nutrient cycling, noticeably reduces organic matter (inhibits thatch composting), and the resulting soil compaction promotes weeds and further soil damage.

The Organic Solution

Our Natural Fertilizer, Soil Conditioner, and Compost Tea solution immediately reverses this process. Many of it's nutrients are in chelated form which holds them in reserve until they are needed.

Our Solution is a total supply of nutrients as organic compounds such as carbohydrates and proteins which are held in the soil until the microbes and other organisms in our Compost Tea digest them. This starts and fuels the "self sustaining" process leading to increased nutrient cycles and naturally aerated soil structures.

You cannot find a more potent combination of hydrolyzed fish extracts, kelp, sulfate of potash, microbiology and other proprietary ingredients than we have in our lawn solution.

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Carolina Organic Lawn on right; competitor's on left.

Safe for Children and Pets!

"A nation that destroys it's soils destroys itself" - Teddy Roosevelt

Family Owned and Operated since 1985

Thank you for your business!

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Organic Lawn Care Service

Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs,

Morrisville, Fuquay-Varina

North Carolina

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Bridge Programs Available

Carolina Organic Lawns

10030 Green Level Church Road

Cary NC 27519


We use GIS or personal inspection to measure your lawn. Simply send an email and we can have a quote to you the same day. If necessary we will come out and give you our professional recommendations at your convenience.

2015 Pricing: Each monthly treatment is billed at $45 for the first 3000 square feet of actual turf and $10 for each additional 1000 square feet of turf.

Optional Additional Services are billed on a lawn by lawn basis. We do not burden customers with yearly contracts; we come out automatically every month, and leave an invoice on your door. You may cancel at any time, simply email, subject "cancel" and we will stop coming out.

Note: We are not a lawn mowing service.

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We are adding Humates in Every Application in 2015

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